I spy

I spy with my eyes:

– A 20-ish lass in my office wearing a baby-t meant for babies/shrunken shirt and a pair low-waist jeans exposing some “spares” hanging over her jeans waistline. The thing is, she keeps on tugging at her shirt or pulling up her jeans to hide her mid-drift.

Moral of the story: If she does not wish to let people view her notsofirm abs, then why dress like that in the first place?

– A super sleek shiny black and silver SMART for two on the road. I would have expect some young, smart looking guy/gal to drive such a stylish car. Well, as usual, I’m wrong again. No, it’s not some old bald guy facing midlife crisis. It’s a 30ish women driving the chic car while picking her nose…flicking her booger…in broad daylight…during rush hour (5+PM)…along Bayan Lepas Highway -_-” EWwww

Moral of the story: If you drive these luxurious car, there will be people looking at it AT ALL TIMES. So please don’t do anything that will embarrass yourself or the car, ok?

– A teenage looking guy dressed like lala chai with a kawaii-wannabe girl by her side infront of Watson. They look like the typical wannabe couple to me until…The guy turns around and I notice some colourful stuff on his hair. He has those above-the-collar schoolboy haircut and he manage to tie it up in not 1 but 2 tiny weeny ponytails using those cheap fluorescence-shocking-colour rubber band and it look sooo disturbing. What in the world was he thinking!!?? Attention seeker!

Moral of the story: Please do not try this at home…or anywhere even if your kawaii-wannabe girlfriend forced you is not cute, yeng or stylish. It’s so goddamn FUGLY!! You never know when a fashion police might smack you across the face for being so wrong.You are a very disturbed kid, get a shrink.

– While walking towards the basement carpark, my fulltime taitai mom got attracted to a stall selling madeinkorea cutlery.The stall is basically just a few table put together so it’s really expose. I walk around and notice the stall keeper had placed his laptop on a box behind his stall. I suddenly saw myself on the screen so I walk closer. He has his MSN running as well as the webcam. That’s why I saw myself on the screen.

Moral of the story: Get a job like that!! You can msn and chat and cheat girls during working hours. Electricity is free as the charger is plug into the mall’s socket. Internet access is free as there are free wifi around. However, some brute might think that you are trying to record “something” under his girl skirt and beat you up and most probably this wont be the highest paid job with a bright future that you can think of *shrugs*

Just some sightings that I find interesting yesterday 🙂

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4 Responses to I spy

  1. Anonymous says:

    eh.. the free wifi where ah?

  2. Eve says:

    Penang most “happening” shopping mall la..where else. its the basement level im mentioning

  3. angchoonseong says:

    most happening?? Sunshine square?

  4. Eve says:

    no…lai lai supermarket

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