I Won 100 Bucks!

nyeh Nyeh nyeh! This morning, still drowsy from waking up, I’m the lucky caller through to Fly.Fm *snort* So yea, the stupid-sounding-girl you heard on the radio this morning is me. I was taken back that i got through. It’s kinda scary cos you know you are on air, and i *tried* my best NOT to sound stupid. So big deal, it’s just 100, nothing to shout about. But I won the cold hard cash by just answering 4*snap snap fingers* peanut questions *waving money in ur face* HAHAHAHA

This is my very first time winning something off the radio station!! (minus those i won from hitz cruisers) I’m so happy about it!! hahahhaa….So yesterday my sis won, today i won, maybe tomoro’s my brother’s turn?


Turns out the hardrock cafe thing is just the prelude for AIM. The actual date is 29th April. So if i back to kl this weekend, it will only for the quiksilver revolution tour. Then i’ll be back in penang for maybe 2 weeks before i go for my resit paper which is on the 6th May. Will it be a waste of $$ to go down for the weekend. I mean, the transportation would have probably cost me +- 100 (there goes the prize money) Is it worth it to just go and watch? It’s such a hassle to travel to and fro..

But then again, it will be such a cool event! Arghh… Should i go or not? Should i go or not?Should i go or not?Should i go or not?*pulls hairs, scream* Such a simple decision but i’m so fickle-minded and so indecisive.

Any advice from you, the wise one? Thanks!

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7 Responses to I Won 100 Bucks!

  1. j a s o n y o n g says:

    ok let the wise one here lend u a hand..
    seeing u in such a dilemma is akin to seeing a 36-25-36 frame with a fugly disproportionate face..it truly is disturbing..arghhh..
    let me analyse..tit tit tit tit

    SOLUTION-keep dat rm100 and stay quietly in penang..then find some time sit in front of the monitor n go http://www.quiksilver.com n slowly ogle at the surfers..other alternatives include surfing for gay porn site(which is against my principle cos im a good n innocent boy as y’all know)
    then that rm100 u put aside n when u come across anything nice and xpensive,just use the money to buy it for ME..ill be forever grateful for such a fren.sobs..uve touched my heart..

  2. angchoonseong says:


    a wise man wont answer stupid question..

    y dun ask wat shud u wear to go kl? hehehe..just thinklar..wanna go mah go lo..dunwan to go mah dun go lo… not much diff since u can earn easy money no matter where u are wat..as long as the radio and phone is connected..hahaha

    i wud stay in pg lar..surfer got wat to see?

  3. Wan Yean says:

    wahlao. won something frm ray dee yo! cool! hehe. go for the event! the click five will be there! cool cool! than u can blog about it sumore and make every1 jealous! wahaha.

  4. Eve says:

    i tak tau who is click 5 also -_-” From the sound of it, must be some pop boyband that will burst soon. hahah

  5. Wan Yean says:

    click 5 is ultra cool la. they’re like maroon 5. and jackson 5. and all the bands with the number 5 in their name.

  6. fishtail says:

    Congrats on winning the money! Konsortium bus fare to KL = Rm27. Go and have a good time.

  7. Eve says:

    wy: got so cool meh?? i never heard their song before also..

    fishtail: Thanks! i’ve decided to go pulau payar this weekend instead. haha

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