I’ll like to introduce to you my latest love

Edited*I have to stop viewing my own blog for milo. *Hyperventilates* fan self frantically! *

Oooo my love…….How can u not love him… He’s such a god sent to us, girls on earth… Doesn’t matter at all that he’s 30 this year. Why does it seems to me that older dude are so much hawter ie Wentworth Miller, Johnny Depp, Tony Leung, Daniel Wu

Omfg! I do not understand how come i did not notice this eye candy last time.

How i regret so for not watching Heroes early!!
How i want to smack myself so many times for missing the chance of seeing him in London when kenetf asked me along to.
How wrong i am now, to laugh at his face when he told me he want to go meet the cast of Heroes~

I think i’ll melt straight away like candyfloss if i ever did see him in person

Fergie is now officially my enemy. It’s just not fair!! *although i still love big girls don’t cry*

how come she gets to hang on to all the hottest guy in the industry!! First, she gets Josh Duhamel as a boyfriend.

AND THEN, she gets to sluts with Milo on her mtv. Arghh….

No Justice.

Forgive my temporary insanity. assignment doing great. just great 🙂 no preassure..sure thing :/

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2 Responses to I’ll like to introduce to you my latest love

  1. Des says:


    Hiro Nakamura a.k.a Masi Oka cuter !

  2. Eve says:


    hiro is cute..milo is gorgeous..

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