I’m the best la…seriously

You know why?

I went lunch with wanster this afternoon and then after lunch….

*Pressing unlock button remote at car*
Eh, how come it doesn’t work wan??
Normally it works, maybe low battery already
But the indicator light is still on, so it should work…
Where is your car sensor located?
At the back lo…

As I walk towards the back of the car, still pressing the unlock button on the remote, I suddenly noticed huges bags of tea leaves at the back seat……
Which my car doesn’t have -____________-

I WENT TO THE WRONG CAR!!! Plus, I removed all the papers at the windscreen dengan selamba sekali…

No wonder the remote doesn’t work…it’s because it wont regconise another car -___-

And I watch Indiana Jones for the second time yesterday. Cate Blanchett was very good!!

That is why, i am the best la… 🙂

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