Indonesia -Best of Part II

This will end my indonesia trip blog. Anyway, it has been 2 weeks since i return home, i should have finish it off sooner but then again, i’ve been busy for the past weeks.

So I’m here again to change typical mindset on Indonesia. Many of those that do not have relatives or been there will have certainly imagine it as a very chaotic and poor country. In fact, it is not, if you know where to go and how to blend it.

Where to go: Places that have alot of indo-chinese and better places, which tends to have higher securities as well

Blend it: Prepare lots of small changes, as you will need to tip along the way to get your way there.

Na Si Wah Uu Chi PaK bannnn = If I have a million dollar

In indonesia, that doesnt really does alot as everyone is a millionaire.I think the most you can do is “chiak sushi” haha Now let’s see how the taitais in Indo lead their life.

Those taitai are really what we call – dumb blondes. They always look like they are ready for dinner, hair always set properly. How did they manage to do so? I manage to find out that they go to saloon 2-3 times per week. Meaning to say, they dont actually washes their hair themselves. They have pedicure and manicure very often. Body scrubs are very common.

Have you watch Dynasty before? or the O.C now? They practically live a very US rich people life. The younger ones will carry Guess and Next and Gucci. The elders will always have LV, Gucci and etc. And those are not fake ones……i can tell you that. =_=

While we party, the driver wait and chit chat in the parking lot. While we shop, the driver wait also. The driver practically only waits on us but then, that’s their job =)They have plenty of maids tagging along to practically everywhere.
You can have alot of fancy cakes. Kids party cost more than my birthday party worth of 3 years.You can have fancy and expensive swagbags for your kid’s guest. Not the typical partypooper stuff.

And best of all, you can have versace in your house, handpainted paintings on the walls and ceiling, and crystal made coffee table..

Well, for the period I’m there, of course I wanna indulge myself and turn myself into a dumb blonde and beautified myself. hahah

*Please ignore my tan line.

That’s me and my brother, Junk. Pretty or not ? *covers blushed face with file* ahehehehe

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6 Responses to Indonesia -Best of Part II

  1. T T says:

    WAH…such as pretty gal….

  2. Jason says:

    the interior of that house is superb! Like a multi-billionaire’s residence! Your uncle’s house?

  3. Lucia Lai says:

    at first i thought that guy is your bf. 🙂

    nice sexy dress, evel.

  4. Eve says:

    tt: Thanks =)

    jason: my relative’s house.On the last night, we just go visit all the houses mar.There’s 1 more “hak sei yan” but not ready yet. They buy their neighbours house to build swimming pool o_O

    lucia: hehe, no bf yet. Thanks!

  5. angchoonseong says:

    wei..ur uncle got any daughter ar?

  6. Eve says:

    all married off d…u got no hope

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