After being a hardcore crackberry for the past 2 years, recently I turned into a Hypocrite.

Yup, I finally succumb to an apple product. I think it’s my first, can’t think any any other apple stuff that i own really, except for this blog (hahaha)

Thanks to MrSmallface for approving ^__^ It was a major challenge to justify the purchase base Instagram obsession. Just a few sets of photos I took. I dont know how to make my photos appear side by side nicely. Will figure out soon 

My yinyang twins and caramel macchiato. Because according to Hipster guide, this is 2 come hand in hand.

US + Food comes hand in hand!! Best nasilemak in penang so far. 




So now i own iphone, i can officially bitch bout some of the stupidity. Apart from Instagram, and pinterest, the 1 thing that made iphone into “considered” list is Badge or Notification alert functionality that comes.  not to forget those friends with iPhone around me, more persuasive then the Devil. Camera quality is damn good too. Anyway, some of the things I still do not like about it

– Why must sync with ITUNES? take forever(5mins + ) everytime i plug it to my pc
– Why can’t i just drag and drop my stuff? Like music?
– Why can’t I use my songs as ringtone? So troublesome.
– Why contact list are not auto sync with Facebook profile like blackberry? I have all the details i need under 1 tab. Talking about syncing, it doesn’t even sycn my fb calender to the phone calender. Very manual and stupid.
– Why is the charging cable so damn short? Shouldn’t the length of a cable be universal standard ? The solution is to BUY an extension.

And the battery life. I thought BB is bad, till i met iphone… horrible. Nokia will win.

Well, a piece of advise my friend gave me is ADAPT!  And that’s what I will do ( no choice 🙁 ) That’s just a few of complaints i have after 4 days ??  If you have any tips or good advise on how i can make my experiences with my phone better, please do let me know. ( apart from ADAPT! )

Despite all that, it’s quite a fun phone. Sleepless night for the past 2 days because i dont need to turn on my pc to play diamond dash! hahah or bejeweled.

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  1. wendy says:

    i agree on the synching part. i hate it. transferring file is a bitch. make sure u backup your files regularly.
    and yes, battery life is another bitch lol. thats why i have another charging cable in the office. u should do that as well. put 1 in the office/car or both. as a fully charged batt usually cant survive until the end of the day.

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