Jason Mraz – I’m Yours

Jason Mraz, one of the most underrated artist of my time.

I’ve loved him all along, since his album Waiting For my rocket to come. Since 2003. That’s 5 years!!!

I never knew *I* could be so loyal urhmm..

His voice is hauntingly smooth and dreamy with the acoustic sound from guitars(fav sound!) accompanying most of his songs. His love for fedoras, quirky fashion and cute, adorable face. Ahhh…What is there not to love about such guy, especially the way his mouth will go one sided…

I love love love this song even more after watching the mtv. I wanna travel, hitch a ride in some exotic places (and hope the locals are friendly ppl) and jump from a waterfall !! It’s the life i’ve always wanted. I always knew i am a closeted hippie afterall.

It’s the perfect song for me to calm myself and clear my mind.


It’s the only song on my playlist for the entire afternoon already. Only his voice alone is good enough for me. Of course, I wouldn’t mind if one day my name is Eve Mraz 🙂

Just like the post title say…Jason Mraz, i’m yours

Ben, we shall wait in patient together to see him, yes?

Which got me thinking again about the prediction from the Brazilians guy. Apparently the whole planet earth will be wipe out in 10-15 years time.

That is not a very long time.

What would you do in these ‘limited’ time that supposedly we all have?
-I will surely travel as much as I can regardless of my career already since we wont have much of a future anyway. Travel travel to wherever my heart takes me….

Will it still be spend foolishly or spend it wisely?
-I will spend it with those i hold dearest….my jaz…. my season babies, should they choose to spend it with their B’s i got no choice then..kuaaa kuaa kuaaa wtf
Dont be afraid to say what we think..since even if we did offend someone, we are all going to die soon anyway…kuaaaa kuaaa kuaaa..wtf -_-

What about you?

We only live life once…..

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  1. Sewjin says:


  2. j a s o n y o n g says:

    kudos on realizing that jason mraz is AWESOME!!!
    u should check out his live performance of ‘mr. curiosity’

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