Jason Mraz – Singapore

My 3rd time watching him play live. It was a great venue, open air and all. I do think the organizer did a great job as we find no problem at all in getting ourselves to the concert with very clear signage and free shuttle buses. Even after the concert, with a 15,000 strong crowd, people queue up patiently to board the fleets of shuttle buses to MRT stations. No delay as they already anticipated the crowd.

Albeit that the drinks were rather expensive for me. Mineral water was selling at SGD8 for one which is RM20, equivalent to a bottle of San Pellegrino


I must stress that we were VERY LUCKY to be up so front!! We nonchalantly queue at the entrance for about 15minutes, slowly walk in, bought the expensive mineral water and finds ourselves actually just 4 person away from the stage. FOUR!  then we sat down and chat for 2 hours while waiting for the show the start. Which without any doubt was AMAZING as expected.

 SEE!!! SO SO NEAR!!! 

15,000 crowd

I never knew he could play the piano… and listening to him singing the opera bit to “Mr Curiosity” live was a bonus!


The backdrop of the set

Wonder when’s the next time I get to watch him live                    

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2 Responses to Jason Mraz – Singapore

  1. mr huhu says:

    old crush reignited

  2. Eve says:

    theres no better way to put it then 🙂

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