K-Pot, Prima Tanjong

Another much delayed post. Since I’m still riding the Korean wave, instead of my Korea trip, I will blog about this new place near me. I noticed the existence of this place for quite some time since I use this small road on a daily basis. Every attempt I made before this to get people to try this place failed miserably as we will always end up in our favourite jap restaurant which is 3 shops away? Anyway after reading Andrea’s review on it, I’m more determined than ever to give it a try and I did. 2 weeks in a row ahahaa !


We ordered all the standard food from the menu and some off the menu as my mom was chatting away with the lady boss. Cheese Kimbap and Dumplings.

Kimchi Fried Rice


Super yummy Beef Bulgogi Rice


Best food combination in the world as it’s 2 of my favourite korean food. Tteokbokki and Ramen =Rabokki. I simply love this dish! Chewy, tangy, sweet and spicy. Super filling and yummy


Patbingsoo, complimentary from the lady boss! She told me she will treat me on the 1st visit and she did! But as we have more people, she gave us 3 bowls of Patbingsoo! SO Generous of her!


The food is what “normal” food would be in Korea. Its not always about grilled meats and more meats. This is definitely a place where I will be return to frequently.

They close once every fortnight on Thursday.

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  1. The Nonya says:

    The lady boss is sooo friendly & I love the home cooked vibe to the place.

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