Kopi Cine @ Stewart Lane

Let’s continue the journey of searching for yummy tiramisu and quaint little hide out in Penang 🙂 Photos are all from Raye’s camera which is my dream camera – olympus p-1.. I want……

Er, but this place I suppose is not really considered a hideout anymore as it is quite well-known among the local. My friends, family and I had been here few times before as i love the place and coffee! Latte

What I love the most is that they allows the patrons to draw nonsenses on their table! Like this! ha ha!

Our view for the entire afternoon while chatting. P-1 camera so nais, can cry…

I was there actually to catch up with my dear ex-colleagues from penang company.

The long awaited photo of the crunchy yummy Kahlua- Tiramisu. The cakes and dessert are between RM16-18++ which is expensive if you rate is base on Penang standard. However, I don’t think the restaurants target market are locals. This is the place where most tourist would stroll by instead of locals who shy aways from the sun like vampires.

Crushed Lime and Mint Soda, RM10. Healthy Kimmie’s drink. I don’t know the taste, dont dare to try. Too green for carnivorous me 😀

I had the Strawberry, Banana & Orange Fresh Frappe, Rm14. Very suitable choice for a hot afternoon.

A photo of us again, since December. 8 months it took to schedule a meet up.

Went there again 2 weekends ago with TeongLi and MrSmallFace for them to try the cake. The following photos by BB and lx3.

Certified by Teongli. Complete with shiny, starry eyes.. hahaha ..stupid..

A mahjong paper, a glass of Buncho crayons and boys missing their childhood = unleash their drawing skills.

Ultramen being attacked by Godzilla. BBM for help -__-

Have a good week people 😀

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