Kota Kinabalu – Part 1

In July, during world cup final week, me and mrsmallface Airasia our way to kota kinabalu. Our maiden trip to East Malaysia and there IS really a different from here.

First of all, we need to keep the visa issued upon arrival and present it before departure. Valid for 3 months. What was that about 1Ma..? huh? Get the basic right first okay?

After much research on accommodation, we settled for this quaint little boutique style hotel near Gaya Street – Eden54. It’s run by the owner herself therefore, you’ll be expecting the cream of the cake terms of service. It actually has all the basic stuff you will need in a room where you just sleep in. Clean, comfortable bed and nice tv. Do a quick check on tripadvisor if you like to know more or just look at the website. You’ll find almost all the info you need.

We rented a kancil for RM100 per day to drive around. Most of the places of interests are actually located out of KK. Do come prepared with a reliable GPS. The things we noticed is, the locals are really easy-going lots. They aren’t that calculative 😀 very good *like*

Picked up CousinTing near her rented house and went straight to eat! What else!

Had this funky green milk tea – also known as Teh C Special. The last green layer still remains an unknown substance 0_O  However, it’s nice! something you must try when you are in Sabah, you know? like Penang = Char Koay Teow  -_-

Also, we tried the local dish which is something like Wan Tan Mee but it is called kampao mee instead. The soup is herbal base, not soy sauce hehe. It’s actually nice.

After filling our tummies to the brim, we went to visit the UMS campus and 1BORNEO before proceeding on our adventurous journey to find Lokkawi Wildlife Park. It took us longer because “someone” choose not to trust the gps *dark face*

Entrance fee @ RM10/pax for local.

Remember to join in the Animal Show, i think at 3pm daily. It was actually entertaining and surprisingly good for local zoo. haha! Like watching CousinTing losing to an Orang Utan.. hahaha!

Just to share some funny animals shots.

Lazy wildcat.

Obscene Orang Utan

proboscis monkey..is it even spell this way? It look so funny with the flat nose!!!

Some beautiful visitors to the Park.

And 2 boring human 😛

Stay tune for the next post on one of the best seafood deal in KK !!

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