Kyoto – Day 1 

Ohaiyo! Suddenly found myself back in the land of the rising sun. Will record all the food I had here as it’s so yummy!

Ichiran ramen! First time we had it, it was at Hong Kong and while walking back to our Airbnb, we saw an outlet with no queue outside! So although we just had 2 dinner we went in anyway. The queue was less than 10minute and taste amazing.

Gion Kappa sushi. We had the assorted 8 type of sushi of ¥1500 and add on a plate of sushi for ¥390. They also have a cover charge of ¥390 per head which they will serve you appetizer of the day.

Okonomiyaki Issenyoshoku. A different style of okonomiyaki which I find so-so but unique deco.

Some super fabulous wagyu beef sushi we saw some girls queuing up for and looks interesting. Best decision ever to be kaypo, because it’s the best damn thing ever.

% Arabica coffee on the way to the black pagoda. Very smooth And nice. Accordingly to reviews, it’s the best coffee in Kyoto. I haven’t been to other coffee place so I think this is pretty good.

Day 2

Curry katsu place that is near the garden of fine art, only ¥1400 for both of us. Generous portion.

Sweet potato pastry

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