La La La Rambla..

Continuation of my barcelona post.

Last day in Barcelona, started off at Plaza Catalunya. The hub of the city and also home to the homeless. They say Trafalgar Square is the best to see alot of pigeons. They lied. There are so many pigeons here, it’s traumatizing.

For the best place to indulge in the Spanish ritual of the paseo (stroll), famous La Rambla is the place to be. One of my favourite place in Barce, too bad we were short of time, else i could spend the whole day here.

So full of life and activity, its a voyeuristic heaven. Countless human statues… Pay them a penny or two, they’ll turn into life.

Chocolate brownie soldier~

Angel among mortal

or if you are lucky, fairy that’s so sweet and gentle

or meet the copper jester that lick people on the face and screams I LOVE YOU BABEEEH!CALL ME!
I wanted to take photo with this one, but after witnessing what he did to the people, i change my mind… =.=

Other than that, there’s countless stalls that sells peacock, pigeons -.- and fluffy yellow chicks, artisans that deftly draws portraits like it’s a piece of cake and kiosks that sells overprice magnets, postcards and magazines from Financial Times to Penthouse.

Mercat de La Boqueria..yes, it’s a freaking market. How can a market be a tourist destination?? Well, it’s kinda sell everything under the sun, even Korean Bimbinbab…Cheeseee! I’m spoilt for choices

And they have the whole pig head on display, and i think they really like their ham and fruits.

They have small stalls that sells really really nice and fresh food normally grill. We had our lunch at this place call Kiosk Universal and we had to wait for more than 30mins just to get a seat. BUT! It’s just soo soo worth it. I’m not really a fan for prawns, but it’s just so out of the world!! SO FRESH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but i’m showing you guys the photos of the yummy mushrooms instead. haha

Gelato…each of us had 2 bola…Seriously, scoop = bola in spanish..hehe My fellow travellers, CarmendaFauntain, Kenetfu, Colyn and Aliciaaa 🙂

We explored Barri Gotic before heading to the beach. It’s a web of narrow alleys with beautiful Gothics buildings, medieval squares. Here lies Barcelona Cathedral, Museum de Picasso and lots more…This is Placa Reial, one of Barcelona most happening squares. Very happening at night for bar crawl, which also attracts of pickpockets. Pretty leh, with all the palm trees.

Port Olympic

Hmm..Didn’t know that spaniards are so filthy rich. Yachts all over the place…Seriously..where do all the money comes from!!

BEachessssssss…damn nice…we just spend the whole afternoon here…although the sun is very bright, it’s still damn cold with the merciless wind. Thank god for my cheap pashminas!! hhaaha

Then we rushed to our last destination, Montjuïc’s, a hill on the eastern end of Barcelona. The MAIN reason we were there is to watch the Font Màgica which according to information centre starts at 8pm, every Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Well, they lied again!! The show doesn’t starts till 930pm when we were fedup!! Why does the information centre ppl also lie to me T__T

Anyway, when we got there..there was like throngs of people. Keneft says it’s like going to watch a concert…Gueess what? There’s really a concert being held at the same time. The Police or something. I don’t care..i was sitting there for 1 freezing hour waiting for the stupid fountain to start.
So the fountains was really impressive as it follows the music that’s being played along side. It should be impressive as it’s one of the world best fountain. When the music goes fast and loud, the fountain will shoot high up and turns red. When it’s legato, it will be light blue and as if dancing…but stillllllllllll, it’s damn cold~ and hungry as well..

After the show, we went back to the hostel to get our backpack and headed to the bus terminal for our bus to Madrid. Here’s our funny hostel owner, Juan.

I really love barcelona and would love to revisit the culturistic city again.

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4 Responses to La La La Rambla..

  1. joosing says:

    DAMN!!!!!!!!!! I SHOULD GO TO BACERLONA!!!!!!!!!! THis place is freaking cool!!! iskkkkk!!!! Im going there if im goinh back UK for work!! DEfinitely!!!

  2. Eve says:

    barcelona is definitely the place to be if you want to soak the culture and relax..

  3. CY says:

    You just gave me a great idea.

    Wait behind an artist on the street, take a picture when they’re almost done and… voila! A portrait of Bono!! xD

  4. Josh says:

    You have to walk down Las Ramblas at least once during your trip to Barcelona. This is a very interesting street. Not only are there tons of places to shop and eat, but there are ALWAYS tons of people…interesting people whom you will never meet in hotels in Barcelona of all sorts. Enjoy your stroll…stop and watch the artwork being created with the spraypaints…watch the strange actors in their unusual costumes…do some window shopping…enjoy! All along this street you will find plenty of street entertainers. Many of them posing as living statues, only moving when you give them some coins.

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