Langkawi Outtakes


How long has it been since I’ve step foot on the Island of Myth? The first 2 companies I was with, I just missed out on some company trip. And now, I’m blessed with a company retreat. Third time’s the charm. A retreat as it was nothing but pure relaxation and bonding with colleagues. People that we brush shoulders with daily, yet know so little.

We were welcomed by this beautiful rainbow in the sky that lasted long enough for me to put down my book, fumbled in my bag to get my phone, and snapped this photo to share now.


Have a day in the sun. Fun, and some.


Sand, sea and the sun which is none.

Dinner and drinks at Bonton.


Sleep.Eat.Drink. Swim.Repeat.

When in the land of duty-free, when we live in land of taxes all the the time.

Drinks, drank, and not drunk. 🙂 Teacher’s whisky. Aptly name if you ask me. It paves way and oils the conversation wheel and that’s when you learn about people, about topics out of your league. Making the shy vocal, making the vocal…persistent?


I immediately regret my decision as its filled with dust and god knows what..

Is this a punishment to us for having too much fun? Going in laps under the hot sun at 2pm? Or is this a test on the inner kiasu-ness that we all have in ourself? Or is this merely an event to show others how much balls you have manoeuvring the bends like F1 drivers?

Despite going 50 shades darker, I really had fun. It wasn’t as bad as I’ve expected.


Purple candy floss clouds sending us off, back to the rat race.


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2 Responses to Langkawi Outtakes

  1. The Nonya says:

    The laps look like so much fun! Which part of Langkawi was that at?

  2. Eve says:

    Hey, it’s near the Airport. It’s under the same management that runs the one in Sepang and Shah Alam. Morac Go Karting.

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