Let’s all sing the auld lang syne

Hahaha.. 12 days too late.

Anyway, i think it’s a custom over in western world to sing auld lang syne at the stroke of midnight on 1st january as a way to usher in the new year.

As for me this year, i will like to remember it as being offered a glass of bubble by kind villagers and sleeping it away.

THE act of ushering in new year fall on new years day itself for us. We decided to have steamboat! Woo..so excited bout it. I was almost disappointed at the last minute when i couldn’t get myself there since i stay so kampung T___T but thanks to the great people..hehe i still manage to attend! woohoo!

Age, is really catching up on me. The steamboat lasted 9 hours and we begun at 11pm. It was slow because we had more than 10 people and only 1 small rice cooker. And everyone is like attacking the cooker once something is cooked.The following day everyday was so groggy with panda eyes walking around like zombies.

Oh well, as i say, when boring people gather together, they will totally unleash the energy, fun and tigerism that has been bottled up in them! I shall not post anymore photos of same sex kissing in case i offend certain people again.

Just some photos of the night with hongkies, taiwanese, shanghainese and bbc. All also Chinese!! I think that i am very lost in front of cameras now. It had been awhile since i took photos with with another person and it seems that i forgot how to smile. All my photos looks so weird! anyway, it still a very happy night/day. Great way to usher in the new year.

That’s all. Getting so lazy to blog.

Rather read than be read nowadays. hehehe… but i bertekad to blog all my travel post in uk. Birmingham, london and liverpool. all unblog blogs.

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2 Responses to Let’s all sing the auld lang syne

  1. Des says:

    i saw some booze…
    some chicks…
    some entaubah…

    seems some nice small party…
    the ones we can never have in penang..

    sad huh…

    u must bring this culture back to penang!!!

    a must!

  2. Eve says:

    why penang can never have? rubbish.

    we shall have fun fun fun 🙂

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