Life Lately According To My Phone

So many things can happen in a month. Glad September is finally over and Billy Joe can wakes up and move on..

All the unhappiness put aside, here’s a few photos from my lost iphone 🙁

I was chosen to be part of a small group representing my company for a Marine conservation program in Perhentian Island. How can I say no to a fully sponsored beach trip?

The venue was at Bubble’s Dive Resort, a secluded standalone resort and “private” beach. Only way in and out of the place as far as we know is via the boat. So basically except for the few programs we have to follow through, i spend my time talking to the dive operators, divers who were there and reading..

Helping out at the turtle hatchery when a cute little girl decided to join us. She’s just sooo cute and adorable.

Also I have to remember the moment I witnessed a turtle coming up on the beach to lay eggs. Alright, so I was one of the few still up at 3AM with 1 of the resort guys chatting and decided to take a stroll along the beach to see IF we will see any turtles. Its so unlikely because its already too late in the season. But lo and behold, we heard some soft sounds from beneath the trees. I initially thought ” Damn it! so bad luck!! must be some ghost” as its still the Chinese ghost month =____=

The guy we were with was very experienced and he’s like a walking national geo channel. Just by listening to the “swishing” sound, he knew its a turtle on the beach. We lied low until the turtle finished digging up the hole before approaching it. If we were to startled the turtle halfway, it may feel threatens and abort mission, because of that, we could have killed 100 hatch-lings 🙁

THEN we had to wait until the Mama turtle slowly covered the nest and back to the sea before we can help her cover up her tracks so poachers will not get to the nest. I went back to sleep at around 6am. Woke up 8am to leave the island @__@ Gawd, so so tired. But it is really an once in my life experience, as i will not stayed up ever again for this/ (2) It is really by luck, I was one of the 6 people who managed to witness it 😀

Leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but memories. Beautiful Island with wonderful experiences and new knowledge about the sea.

Shades all the way, man! Cant show anyone how “panda” i was that day.. Gawd!

Another grilled burger when I was in KL the following weekend. Abang Burn burger~!!

Still my favorite. Not so obsessed as used to be, but still favorite.

Cheat people Custas from Ho Chih Minh =.=

First time at the “hottest” new club in Penang.

Good Times.. happy times.. 🙂

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