Life lately according to my phone…

Lately, I’ve been diligently documenting my life with the iphone. So inspired by Taza, here’s my life lately according to my phone

I heard so much of this roaming pork burger van from my friends and finally had the time to track it down. The difficult part was convincing MrSmallface to go to the night markets with me with the limited parking space.  Was it good?

It was!! Because we went back for more again the following week!!  Doubling it up to 2 patties with cheese each. RM4 for single patties burger, + Rm1 for cheese + RM2 any additional pattied. Still works out to be pretty affordable. It’s just so juicy and tasty because of the freshness. Plus when you bite into the burger, you can feel the crunchiness of the grilled patties. Fantastic! To find them, refer to Oink Oink facebook page as they are at different location daily within Penang.

Penang – the island of goodness. Everything had improved so much under different governance. The changes are obvious. I see more people appreciating street arts, our heritage and vocally voicing out how proud we are for being Penangites! Also, I noticed that more and more friends of mine are going towards a healthier lifestyle, like joining a gym, marathon or cycling groups. 😀 so  ♥ ♥ Penang!

Another reason I think we are getting healthier is to compensate the sinful yet delicious foods we have!! Hokkien Mee and Laksa, my absolutely favorite

This month also mark Baby V’s full month party. Lovely setup by Jay and even decorated the cupcakes himself!

My dear friends

Good hair day for me, which doesn’t comes by often!

My dog, Jazz’s many face

Off to Singapore in a few hours! I feel so poor going there! No wonder I prefer Indochina, so I can act like a boss! In Singapore, I can be pauper! 🙁

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