Lisboa 1

Let’s Discover The City That Discover Half the World.

One of the best place to be. Seriously! Food is extremely good and cheap. Weathers lovely. People that speaks English and extremely good looking. Eye candy literally everywhere.

Even the one that works in post office. OMG! We wanted to go back and buy stamps over and over again and pretend to be dumb just to talk more with the cutes over the counter. Unfortunately, they have very advance mailing systems. Behind the postbox, normally a stamp vending machine is attached to it.

The place we stayed doesn’t look like a hostel at all! Ikea furniture all the way. Plasma tv to polka dots cute duvets…

and ancient scary elevators. We did not know there’s even an elevators there when we first got there, so we climbed up 5 level with our backpacks T_____T WHY WE SO BLUR!!

Really nice metro stations. They even have huge screens that plays mtvs. Damn cool. Each line of train is categorize by flora, sea and etc (i forgot) and each stations designs are different!

First attack on the food. Bifana. Local delicacies. We don’t know what’s that, but saw alot of people ordering, so we ordered as well. Partly because it’s really cheap, bout 1.5euro. Turns out really nice and we got so addicted to it and kept chanting “We want Bifana” everywhere we go 🙂 It’s a piece of bacon from a stew in a bun. You eat it with mustard and olive oil. DAMN GOOD! I miss it so much~

Next store sells pastry. In fact, every eatery will sell pastry. Truckloads of ’em and each taste so good!! Of course the Portuguese egg tarts…..heaven…..bliss…

When we went up the Elevador De Santa Justa, that has been operating for more than 100 years, we had a very very nice surprise!! There are actually a band shooting their mtv there..Weeee!! and they sang as english song!! with a really cute drummer in the package…

After sticking around and listening, we went and take some photos…This is how Lisbon looks like. Organized, clean. Very hilly like Sheffield. That’s why they have these elevators. So people need not climb till breathless.

and WE GET TO TAKE PHOTOS WITH THE BAND!!!!!!!1111 Apparently, they are quite big in portugal. Woohoo…who cares, i get to take photos with the cute drummer….kekekkeke

If you notice, i have the same aviator with the drummer!! Hahaha

After that, we took a boat to Alfama. By that time, all the partying in Madrid has taken a toll on me and I’m feeling really ill. The main reason to be at Alfama is to see Cristo Rei. It may look familiar because Rio Janeiro has one exactly the same. The bus ride there was kinda torturing, because there’s only 1 bus and it’s full to the brim with tourist.

The statue of Jesus Christs overlooks Lisbon

and the 25 de Abril Bridge. I think it’s one of the longest suspension bridge in the world. Looks amazing at night. Us, doing jumps there. After a while, i kinda feel better…hehehe…

After that, we had a walk around Baixa before heading back. Was really exhausted that day because we just got there from Madrid and decided to call it a day.

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3 Responses to Lisboa 1

  1. Des says:



    nice food…

    nice people…

    i wana go there!!!

  2. Benjamin says:

    i love ang moh countries not because of their culture or their lifestyle.


  3. ~Evelyn~ says:

    meaning to say u need to hold a bowl whenever you go lor?
    cos air liur meleleh!

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