I´ve already reached the final destination for my 10days backpacking trip. Lisboa!!

and i think i´ve died and came to where all the beautiful people is gathered. The place is FULL of good looking they all jsut walked out of fashion magazine. Take a stone and throw towards the crowd. The possibility of you hitting a goodlookin guy is like 90%.

And the food is so nice and cheap.Most importantly, the people here speaks ENGLISH!!!!! Arghhhhh……after 7 days in spain, finally we can speak to a stranger without referring to a book or using sign language like idiots on the streets. Fuuuuuuuuuu

Ok, thats all for now, good nite..l.

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  1. Des says:

    try to go greet mourinho if u meet him anywhere there…

    even tv channels who is halfway interviewing the minister stopped to broadcast him!

    wat a life in portugal!

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