Made of Honor (& Scotland)

Yesterday was our department team building, so we were treated to a movie, a treasure hunt (which i’ll elaborate in the next post) and a dinner. and YAY! We won 3rd placing for the hunt! Go Gold!!

The movie we choose was well, obviously Made of Honor.

Oh! The movie genre was my favourite. Romantic comedy, a chick flick which i absolutely adore šŸ˜€

Now, the movie will bring us over to Scotland because Colin is a scottish duke who plays the bagpipe -__-

Anyway, while watching it.. I saw so many places that I’ve been which flushes me away with memories from last summer. If you had watched the movie, you might regconize some of the scenes from my photo.

#1 On the way to Isle of Skye..We drove there, Sheffield/Liverpool > Edinburgh > Isle of skye …in total we drove at least 7hours that day alone. Unlike the movie, we drove all the way there because we were too late to catch the boat. The bridge!! Oh dear…

#2 Can you spot the bridge? Now so small and insignificant in the fuller viewer. Yes, this is how the highland looks like.

The pink haggis mentioned in the movie…We tried it too!! It’s actually quite yummy. Not as disgusting and scary as it is IF you have it nicely…The one we had at the kebab store was kinda horrible though..

#3 The magnificent GlenCoe. This is definitely one of the most scenic place to travel by car. ACS, before u balik penang, please go.

Ahh.. I couldn’t seem to find the castle photo at all!! This will do.. Behind this castle lies Loch Ness Monster…

#4 The lighthouse that Tom had to pass when he was riding the horse around the coast to the small church. Hahaha It’s a totally different location.

Back to the movie. I believe many a times the same situation happens, either you are Tom or Hannah. Just look at how many movies has been made with the same storyline, 27 Dresses or My Best Friend Wedding(my fav!)

Tom might want to be with you NOW, just because he is afraid of losing you but he might be back to his old self once he got you. Colin is the PERFECT guy but with minor flaws and you don’t really know him that well…

Will you choose Tom or Colin then?

Based on such romantic and senseless kinda person that I am, i would definitely choose Tom!! Brownie point for him just coz he is Dr. McDreamy… šŸ™‚

REMEMBER GUYS! Friends not for a summer or just a spring. I miss the moments šŸ™

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