Madrid ~

Finally! A post on my travelogue before i forgets everything.

Honestly, i couldn’t remember much stuff on madrid because i wasn’t the person incharge of the place and there’s nothing really much to see. For madrid, just a day or two would be enough to cover the cultural and historical stuff, but for partying…hahaha… never enough.

The first place we stayed, Cats Hostel is very recommended to those who likes to mix around with young, crazy people. Plus, it’s one of the advanced hostel i’ve ever seen. You get a bracelet when u check in and it’s also the key to enter the hostel, your room and locker! Plus, the place itself looks amazing as it used to be a palace and it’s world heritage or something.

Most of the places in Madrid are very near, and within 10mins walk, we reached Plaza Mayor. The main square and also the location of Tourist Information Centre (very important, but barce one sux!)

Paella…Spanish delicacies, which i don’t really like. It’s damp rice with some weird seafood on it. Oh, and Sangria too..

Puerto de Sol, like the city centre, shopping centre and stuff. The bear and strawberry tree is the official symbol of madrid but there’s absolutely no story behind it. At least our melaka got the kijang story la.

Temple de Debod..greek temple in spain. Have to climb abit and there’s a nice park and the ruins.

Shoe polishing is the thing in Madrid. See, no sexist.

The first night, we spend the first half at our hostel bar because they have a band performing there. The second half, we went to the club with about 20 over something americans, aussies, brits and i dono what else. The americans are really crazy, singing and shouting along the way. No surprise there when they got denied entry to THE CLUB of madrid. Palacio Gavaria, one of the best club i’ve been. they have 4 main dance floor, peppered with a dozen more mini ones and the dance floor is just like the ancient ballroom but they have dancers clad in leather bikini and chains dancing. Hahaha. Too bad i did not bring my camera along. Most memorable night of my life FOR SURE!

Second day, we moved to another place called Los Amigos, also very strategic place and nice warm place where we met some interesting people. Bull Fight tickets! We got ’em cheap! the cheapest ticket we can get, haha as it can go up to 150euro. Anyway, it was so stupid to place a person that speaks no english at all at the ticket counter. We had to ask someone on the street to write down in spanish what we want to say and show to the lansi girl.

As expected, it’s gruesome, bloody and cruel. But there’s so many people watching, even little terrier.

Personally, i think its very cruel but then it gets so exiciting at times because we saw one matador got knocked over as well.

The night ahead was fun because we went out again, but just next to our hostel, there’s a Absolute Vodka launching and we unknowingly got it!! Woohoo!! Best party ever, free tattoo, free flow of vodka cocktails, surrounded by beautiful people, great company, what more can you ask for?

This is my first drink,

Second, *see! i’m clutching on to the freebies we get! Weee*


and the rest is history 🙂

I transformed into catwoman. *Meooowww*

anyway, just joking…i don’t get drunk that easily. The chinese guy is from Germany our roommate in hostel!

Last day in Madrid, we went to the Royal Palace of Madrid which we spot some ballerina…i could spend hours watching them.

Sabatini Garden, with alot of funny art deco?

Last stop! Retiro Park with brocolli like trees. hehe…Very nice place to have a walk and relaxs. Go on Sunday because about 7pm they have this huge drum gathering. About 100 drummers gathers there every week and it’s very fun!!

Hobby that i thought long extinct! Stamp collecting and exchanging stamps seems to be a big thing here.

Before i end the post…i’ll leave you with a Yummy mcD yogurt! hAha…

Till next time!

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  1. mrbherng says:

    Know i understand why you said Paella is for tourist. The one in the picture just looked a wee bit too commercialised and not the proper paella. Anyway, it’s an aquired taste since it can taste very fish sometimes.

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