ManU vs Intermilan 3-2

Last Wednesday i went to my first ever football match in my life. Who would have guessed it would be in Old Trafford, watching Manchester United get beaten up by Inter Milan 3-2.. hohoo.. That’s sure one hella memorable event for me!! Big names that night:- Wayne Rooney, C.Ronaldo, Luis FIGO!!, Ryan Giggs, Rio Ferdinand, Van Der Sar, and Materazzi. I forgot if Alan Smith was sub in later on. I think he was..

Reached Manchester around 4pm, so we had around 2 hours to go about town before heading to Old Trafford. First place we look for is the biggest Primark in England!! Went berserk in there because we limit ourselves to only 40mins in there. Seriously, the longer u stay inside, the more money magically will be gone T______T

Back to the match, it was a record breaking attendance with 73,738 spectators. Almost the full capacity the stadium could hold. On the way to the stadium, we were stuck in the jam and there’s seas of people clad in red walking towards it.

There’s SO SO SO many people, so many different races, all types of ages… all there for the same thing.


The seats we got was pretty upfront. I was contented that i am in the stadium alone. Hooohooo.. Filled with adrenaline rush, we ran inside the stadium and cheered all the way till the end of the match. Many times the excitement got us all to stand on our feet and cheered or booed along… Extremely happy and excited bout it. Pichaaaass…. Of us shopping, and in the stadium itself.

RONALDO was brilliant at his footwork. However, I no longer find him super hawt simply because I saw soo many guys hawter than him..hohoo…

Wayne Rooney. Obviously the crowd favourite. They kept cheering RooooooNeh! RooooooNeh!… That sounds something like buuleh or Do it at first.. =.=?? But we shout together with the crowd..hehe

Rooney taking a free kick.. Hey, guess what? I saw Rooney score the only goal for MU that night as the goal post is facing us..Hohoho..

Near the end of the match, a guy decided to run across the field NAKED! Something that had never happened in Old Trafford before. and I get to witness it 🙂 🙂 Anyway, it was a really funny scene. He ripped off his shirt and then pulled his pants down halfway, pulled it up again..and finally Riiipped it off.. haha

Everyone was cheering at it.. and he was struggling to get passed the guards. The Inter goalkeeper even picked his shirt up for him..hohoh. I think even the players were amused by this.

Some of the players.

The Final Score. I went to watch MU lose.. Hohooh.. But too bad, Chelsea lost to them for the charity shield T___________T Shevchenko T___________T
The store brimming full of people. It was so full it had to be closed and the people still wait outside -.-|| Sorry ahButt, canot get the cap for you.

The Sea of Red. Still cheering on, breaking the silence of the night.

Me, Shin and a Fan.

THIS, by far is one of the most memorable moment for me. At last i get to watch it live. Feels so sureal. So Damn Worth it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A video to end this post. Do click to feel the atmosphere i had 🙂

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  1. Coketai says:

    Hi Boys and Girls out there, this is what I call life!!! Enjoy to the fullest now and you know chances don’t come by often!! ( I mean once you step in to the Corporate jungle world)


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