Marvellous Monday

Did you had a good monday? No more monday blues dudee!! For the whole semester, i wont be having any classes on monday. *jumps up and down in glee*

That also means, i can sometimes make weekend trip with my friends. Woww! But then again, i would have to find the kaki to go with me. hmmm…abit hard T___T …so i guess i’ll spend most of the mondays at home. sleeping late.

I’ve been stranded at home for 4 days straight yo! Staying home for this long plus it’s like a public holiday where everyone is free. I hadn’t been out for dinner everyday too. Which can be considered as quite an amazing feat for me. I even denied Ostrova’s invitation to go limteh last night. And surprisingly, it’s SweetSarah that suggest we go out today, last night. So not me lar

Something must be very wrong with me. Since when i’ve turn into this homey type of person. I can spend the whole day flipping through magazine, eat my Special K, watching series, surfing the net, blog-hopping and entertaining people on Msn… I honestly feel happy and contented just doing all those, rather than going out, dragging my feet at the shopping complex or dislocating my arm carrying all shopping bags. I guess i just <3 home =")" style="color: rgb(51, 0, 153);"> headache just staying indoor for a day.

Anyway, I’ll like to introduce the show Realiti to you guys. It’s probably the best locally produce drama series i’ve watched on tv since Kopitiam. Such a pity it only has 10 episode to it and it’s already up to episode 8 yesterday. It’s not lame or full of bad acting like what normal local tv would have offered us. It’s on 8tv every sunday 10pm to those that are interested. or you can even watch in on youtube which suits me just well =)

Whats more when the producer throw in few chun people in the package to good plots. Like Ashraf sinclair. Never notice he’s that cute before this. hehehe…. He has a very strong face structure. Me Likey!!

Alritey, i’ll be working on the photos for my next blog entry and leave you guys with a good video i found. MUST WATCH!! This is what had become to our society and it is also what drives people now to superficial beauty.

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2 Responses to Marvellous Monday

  1. Kenny Ng says:

    so nice monday no class? become homely also nice right? yeah… i become ‘very’ homely since i came to KL, my computer, MP3, concert DVD, guitars become my best mate in my house 🙂

  2. Joash Chan says:

    I think Realiti is really good as well. And Gol & Gincu too. Finally there’s hope for Malaysian tv…

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