a lifetime:
I want to get rich( $$ face nyek nyek), travel to at least 2 different continents of the world, and hopefully settled down before I’m old and wrinkly.

5 years ago:
That’s when im in my sweet 16. Best time of my life!! Went to plenty of camps and that’s how i met the most marvelous group of people who is still my great friends until today! =)) i also meet wonderful guys, nyek nyek(very young n bimbo durin tat time). What else? Form 4 = honeymoon years. That rounds up!! hahaha

1 year ago:
2005 today, i think i’m working in Jell also. semester break, and they NEED me…what can i say..*sitting in the basket carrried high up, swing swing swing*

typical boring workday. go to work, work* Hello?heLlo?*, drive home, online, eat, piggggg

will drag my butt to work at 7. then work work work . after that maybe will go do something different with my moppy hair…HAHAHA

5 snacks i enjoy:
1. ice Creamssss (prefer rum & raisin, strawberry cheesecake or mcD RM1)
2.dried mango from thailand
3. dried cuttlefish fr korea. its Pink in colour..yummy!!
4. cottage fries
5. McD French Fries…especially twister!!

5 songs i know the words to:
1. My humps – Black Eye Peas
2. You’re Beautiful – James Blunt
3. Yu Jian – Stephanie Sun Yan Zi
4. Top of the World – Carpenters
5. If I Ain’t Got You – Alicia Keys

5 things i would do with $100,000,000:
1. Pay off my debts..*sad life*
2. Buy meself a new stylish swanky apartment
3. Lets go ShoPping! *clap clap clap cheerleader style*
4. Fly me whole family to visit granny in taiwan then to anywhere in the world
5. Investment! Diversify..watever shit that can double the wad in my wallet…

5 locations i’d like to run away to:
1. Rome
2. venice
3. France
4. some one’s arms?
5. level of divinity?

5 bad habits that i have:
1. I keep on saying YES to almost anything
2. say “huh?” on repeat.
3. procrastinate.
4. say too much when i don’t need to.
5. say too little when i need to say more.

5 things i like doing:
1. s-l-e-e-p.
2. read/write.
3. conjure imaginary scenarios in my head, pretend they’re real, then snap out of them immediately.
4. not stay home.
5. indulge in mindless jabber about all things life.

5 things i would never wear:
1. Hotpants-lyrca-auntie-style
2. platforms.
3. camouflaged anything.
4. teeny-tiny shorts
5. something that has been is FULL of sequins n glitters…*like walking light bulb*

5 TV shows that i like:
1. Sex and the City
2. Desperate Housewives
3. Friends
4. 2 guys, a girl and a pizza place
5. any tvb drama..ahah…im a sucker for that

5 famous people i’d like to meet:
1. Dan Brown
2. Johnny Depp and hug him and not letting go
3. Catherine Zeta-Jones
4. Any rich, available smrt, good looking prince who doesnt look down on peasant girls
5. Daniel Wu…*drooolll*

5 biggest joys at the moment:
1. being free
2. giving my mind its long delayed rest.
3. having baby jaz lying on my foot.
4. being in the company of my absolutely-darlings friends.
5. just livin’ and breathing

5 favourite toys:
1. camera….*pure camwhore here*
2. Jaz jaz

3. this *points @ computer*
4. car?
5. others’ fragile feelings – just kidding

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  1. Spyd3r says:

    this gal is no exception…
    its cool to live a lavish lifestyle… hey i’m a daydreamer too but not to dat extent la hehe no offense… we gota make it for ourselves to be rich in life…gambateh!!!

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