Monjayaki, Okonomiyaki, Takoyaki

I love everything flour. So no surprise that I would love one of the famous Japanese food – Takoyaki.

Yaki is grill when loosely translated and Takoyaki is one of the more well known version. Small grilled flour balls stuffed with ingredients and tops with fish flakes and yummy mayo!

I saw this stall with long queue daily on my walk back to the hotel. I reckon that the takoyaki of Malaysia and Tokyo are vastly different. Back here in Malaysia, we get to decide the stuffing but for this particular stall, I guess we can only choose the toppings.

The reason I said “guess” is because there’s no English on the menu neither does the staffs speaks English -__-|| I ended up pointing here and there. This one in the photo are top of with cheese and mentaiko woohoo! So yummy and cheesy. I got another one topped with egg salad. It’s really damn good and filling.

Then there’s the Okonomiyaki that we know too, the difference here is that there’s shop where they allow you to cook them yourself. I went to this shop with my friends in Asakusa where they have Monjayaki too – something new for me.

Monjayaki ingredient arrives like this to our table. Can you see the delicious looking camembert cheese waiting to be eaten and the HUGE mentaiko looking back at us?

Pour the ingredient except for the cheese on the grill, then keep chopping and mixing everything together like mad

Add in cheese and mix it up again !!

The end result

It tasted super duper yummy. We ate it straight off the grill with the spade looking spoon, becareful not to burn your tongue. Once we finish scraping everything off the grill, we start working on our subsequent dishes

“Is it cooked??”

Thee fact of  having me anywhere near a grill or cooking utensil explains the worried expression on my face

Doing a great job flipping the first one with my friend cheering me on. WAhahhaha!! So nice of them!!

2nd attempt to flip the bacon filled failed miserably ahhahaa

The delicious end product. Finishing touch by my friend.

Blogging this now just makes me miss the food so much once again!!! So so delicious!! I have yet to taste any okonomiyaki as yummy as this before in my life! Exploding with mentaiko

I miss the food so much, i requested to have this the 2nd time I went back to Tokyo. This is in Kawasaki districts. Looking very old school.

This one is different because they will cook everything for you and place it on the grill to continue coooking/ keep warm. It is still yummy and less “smoky” from the grill , but definitely without the fun factor.

This okonomiyaki that my colleague ordered is filled with udon. Another first! So filling and yummy, i love it!!

Looking at the current interval of my posting, I dont know if I will ever be able to completely cover my Japan trip @__@ Maybe a break from Japan and next one will be a post with photos of my current life!!

Before I head over to our neighbor for a short weekend to see one of my favorite artist to perform!! Woohoo!!  I’ve just stayed put for maybe a month, and I’ve been itching to go somewhere already. There’s always somewhere to go, to see, to eat, to experience in this wonderful world of ours. It will never make sense to me when someone tells me they don’t like travelling.

Quoting from my friend, editing it to my definition – If our life’s like a book, for those who don’t travel, your story stops at page 1. 

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  1. It looks like you are a pro okonomiyaki flipper! It certainly turned out well. If you are interested in more information about okonomiyaki – history, recipes, ingredient info, check out – have fun!

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