MU Vs Arsenal -Live from McD

so here i’m typing this at McD while the guys watch MU vs Arsenal, THE do or die match for MU..Like i even care…. =.=

That’s why I brought the tiny notebook here to play my restaurant city. ehhehehe In 2 days time, I’m already  at level 11 and have 6 employee. Yay!!!

The whole mamak mcd went into an uproar when Park Ji Sung committed an offside (???) just a minute ago =.= Anyway, the best thing about McD is the internet is faster than the one I have at home. And I have to fucking pay for the one at home! What is this? Fuck this shit!!

So this is how I’ll be spending my precious saturday night i suppose. Playing restaurant city in McD with a bunch of rowdy football mad crowd. Best!

I would have love to show you my new curls i got this afternoon in the saloon but too bad. No card reader 🙁

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2 Responses to MU Vs Arsenal -Live from McD

  1. angchoonseong says:

    mcD got show bola one ar?

  2. leeken says:

    MU-arsenal and then Left4Dead after that…not bad.. 🙂

    saturday night well spent…

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