Mui Ne – Stay, Eat, Play

Quite a bit of “emptiness” in between this post and the last…. Previously was too busy with work. Then I spend much of my available time catching up with Running Man ( my elixir of life/happiness/joy right now)

Ok so lets get on with this before I forget the details. Lengthy post ahead.. 

Where to stay 

So as mentioned in previous post, this detour was really last minute so I just look up TripAdvisor (my travel bible) and after cross referencing with a couple of reviews, I decided to stay with Mui Ne Backpackers Hostel. Apart from the name and the availability of dormitory, I don’t see anything “hostel” with this place. It was great. It even comes with a pool which we did not use.

I had some issue with my payment when I book the rooms online and I called them up. The owners was a great help sorting this out for me as it’s not even their fault. Its the booking engine that they engaged. Anyway, all’s good in the end and we enjoyed our stay very much.


Clean bed, hot shower, air-conditioning and free wifi for around USD35 +  Even comes with the sound of splashing waves if you need those music to fall asleep.. This is the view from the boys room which is right above mine and C


Ours comes with an unbeatable view and just a few steps to the sea.


Our room is the first one on my right. SO Awesome right…! excuse my morning face……..we were heading out for breakfast then.


What to do?

From my read ups, you can either book a local tour or rent a bike to explore yourself if you have the time. The route was very straightforward, drive straight out of town, when you reach a roundabout, then take 3 o’clock, and drives ahead to see the sand dunes. However it’s not exactly nearby, nor was the weather kind to us, so the best way for us was to take the jeep tour.

Still with our backpacks, we booked the jeep to see the MAIN attraction of Mui Ne – the sand dunes from the hostel while checking in. It was really easy and convenient and i think reasonably priced. USD8 per pax. Somehow, the most common mode of tour transport is these sorta old american jeep.


Read on for what to do and where to eat..

First stop, the Fairy Spring. They will drop you off and say 20mins 20mins .. It looked like this for most of the walk


Small stream and sandy sides and super hot. Nothing really.. nothing. The steps were we left our slippers really sums up everything for us. You can hold on your shoes with you while walking this useless bit or let the caretaker keep for USD1.. -_______-


On the way, the driver stopped at the roadside for us to take in this SUPER SCENIC view…  No photo shop (not that i know how to).  Seriously, the amount of fishing boats was overwhelming. It’s like a scene out of old war movies.


Next the popular White Sand Dunes which is a further drive from the Red dunes about 40mins or so from Mui Ne. Dubbed by Lonely Planet as the “photographers paradise” I will dubbed this place as “tourist ka ch$ing” paradise for the local kids who will pester you non stop to rent the quad bikes and a piece of plastic to sledge down the hills of sands.


The sand dunes was as far as your eyes can see and seems to be a really tiring hike/walk towards the peak, we decided to take 2 bikes. As we never ride a bike on sand dunes before, we got the wheels stuck  as we go  towards the peak and keep whirling around (hahaha) then the local boys will come running to you, helping you to steer the bike right. However, just take note, they will also take control of the bike and offer to show you around, zooming away before you can stop him. MrSmallface was one of the victim hahaahh When the boy finally came back with him as the pillion, he keep asking for “tips tips”  

MrSmallFace gave the boy USD1, and he have the nerve to make a face and say pffttt.. so littlee… -_______-  seriously ?

Anyway we said, take it or leave it.. obviously he took the money. This is C sliding down one of the sand hills. It really is steep.. not kidding and at least we made good use of the bike here instead of climbing up again..


After maybe 40mins or so, we left for the Red Sand Dunes. Which we all agreed it was way better. Less boys peddling their plastic slides and no bikes. The boys wasnt as pushy as the ones at white sand as well.

Boys: Plastic slide, plastic slide
Me: No thank you
Boy:  Maybe later?
Me: Nop, 🙂
Boy: Never….??

It’s also took some workout to reach the peak where we fool around abit while waiting for the sun to set.



Obligatory group photo Asian style :p


if you are keen, you can take up some Wind Surfing lesson which Mui Ne is actually famous for… 🙂

Okay final part. Took me forever to complete this post really.. So. Much. Procrastination… !!!

Where to Eat and random ramblings… 

Honestly, we only ate at 1 place.. haha 🙂 That’s Jibe Place which is right next to our hostel. Woohoo so convenient. Here’s how the main street looks like. Left and Right looks the same. We saw less than 1o Asian including us, believe its not really popular looking at the accessibility of it and nothing to see/buy. Nothing to do is not a particular preferred by Asian during a holiday. Russians however seems to like this place, noticing how even most signboards will have Vietnamese and Russian on it.


It worked well for us though, we were all like sloth taking our time, sipping our coffee, enjoying the sea breeze during breakfast. This place also offers wind surfing lesson. If you look closely, where the dude is standing in the middle of the photo, is actually our hostel. So its really right next to it.


Our dinner from previous night was also at Jibe’s Place. SOMEhow, the name of this place has some familiar ring to us which we kept laughing about. Especially when the news of parliament dissolution was announced on that day as well… heheheh

They served fantastic food. Every dish was delicious..! Super happy with it and not expensive.

edit for blog

In memory of C’s cap.


After a heavy breakfast, we decided to check out this local place which most blog will recommend as well. Lam Tong Restaurant, aka Popular Restaurant


It’s just 2-3 shops away from Jibe’s place along the same beach strip. They offer really cheap cheap food. Beer was just 1 dollar or so…the whole bottle.. There were mixed review on the internet where its mentioned the waitress was rude or couldn’t speak proper English.. Come on! You couldn’t speak Vietnamese as well right?  Anyway, no high expectation since its really local.. Enjoy the fantastic view !

Try the dragon fruits which is one of Viet local produce. So juicy and sweet…!


To conclude Mui Ne, if you have a few days to spare and would like to escape town, give it a shoot. I really enjoyed the short trip there for how laid back life seems to be there. Not to mention it’s really affordable compared with the more touristy places. We skipped the usual Mekong Delta trip for this and without regrets !


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