My CnY in photos!

Blog abandon for Twilight novel. The movie is seriously pale in comparison to the book!!

Being reading it in softcopy because i’m poor like that. Whats with the economy out there, better save up.. :S

The above 2 lines were written last night when it was interrupted with the reading of New Moon..and it’s 12AM a day after that..still reading New Moon..crying alone in my room to the story. Can you believe it =.=..

Gosh im lame..anyway..back to my CNY.

The LEE Family Time!!

My family is a very globalize one but we do have much thing in common. Rowdy, loud and party animals..the last one is history for some but i believe the traits is just buried as people expect you to behave your age..or not..hahaha

DivaLisa, BrotherPoh, AdrianGentleGiant, Raymond, BigJeff and JasonBurhan at ChurchSt.

Ting with me 🙂 Being so long since the I saw the smart one in the family as she’s being “dispatch” to Sabah..hahaha This girl fooled me with the rest of the family (including her own parents) saying she wont be back this CNY but it’s a surprise. When I was tricked into the room with her hiding in the corner, we were both laughing silently while in tears for the longest of time on 1st day of CNY  !!

Obviously, being bullied T_T

With Big Jeff and JasonBurhan, with Cousin Ting2 in SS. Going clubbing with the family feels so safe..It’s like having bouncers together with you everywhere you go considering the family member size..We are all well above 170cm. But there’s exception to everything..hahahahhaahah

The Yue Sang..I had it 4 times this year!! Usually i have zero times.Homemade somemore..obvisouly not by me. MrSmallFace supergranny recipe 😀

Silly photos taken with Ting2 waterproof camera. BrotherPoh wearing his sunnies underwater..Video them fighting underwater…Haiz..why my family like that…:p

Behaving like tourist at the tourist belt with mom and auntiesss..

We walked all the way from RasaSayang to Sunset.. and bored people think of creative ways to entertain themselves..Hence the below…LEE Family!!

and many more.. Plus a few group shots

On the other hand..CNY should be spend with friends as well 🙂

Dearies at Redbox.. I miss the times already. LadyCow faster come back we can shout our lungs out again 🙂

Chinese new year activity going on at moi’s house featuring MrSmallFace. I just knew people dont serve Winter Melon drinks during CNY because in Cantonese it sounds like “Tong Ko Shui” = in deep shit ..bad omen when we are ushering all the luck we can..hahaha

and at LeeKen’s place, the annual gathering on 3rd day. Wont miss it for anything… with Teongz. the point of the photos is to remind myself of wearing auspicious color on specific day. hohoho.. ONG!!  ONG!!

The birthday cakes for January babies.. Ultimate photos of cake smashing! hohohohoho

To close this year episode on CNY, of course the annual photos with dearies 🙂 Love you girls to bits! Till we gather again!  muaks muaks

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2 Responses to My CnY in photos!

  1. SarahYSK says:

    Erm, so the reunion lunch doesn’t get to be part of your cny function? soo sad T_T

    Eve: send me the photos when u have ’em

  2. wanster says:

    teongz the aaron kwok… dui ni ai, ai, ai, bu wan!!

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