My Diana First roll

I finished the first roll faster than expected. Got a few expired 120mm expired film online. Cheap at @RM7 per roll ahhahaha!


But bearing in mind the film are expired, the result will turn out very funny. Hmm. I used the square format and 12 shots. Most of the frame turn out quite blueish, not sure what causes that. However, I’m quite please with the result as I’ve expected the first roll to be a total disaster from what I read online. Some even had the whole roll just blank!! My guess (and many too) is that they left their lens cap on -__________-

No pinhole setting. Some frame i forgot to wind the film hence weird outcome. And I also constantly forgot to check my focus and aperture. Noobie mistake

First ever shot turns out very weird and its dizzy to even look at. Skipping to second frame, featuring BrotherPoh. Double exposure on semi cloudy day. My favourite from the whole lot 😀

Big Flowerpot 🙂

Double exposure. Not very nice because first and second shot are too close together. Pening nia…

#2 favourite from the role. Strong Vignettes. Lucky for me i guess. 

HAhahahahhaha.. This is funny. I took the first one with DivaLisa and then DivaLisa took the second exposure for me. Forgetting to wind the film and turn it the right way… 😮 

Old groceries shop at Cheras. The old uncle/owner damn best. He was behind the counter and then after I snap the photo, he shouted at us in cantonese “hey, nice or not? Can I see?? ” Then i tell him, Err…sorry this is not digital camera -__-

Then he continued asking.. ” Oh, nvm. Will you post it on youtube or the internet?”  We all are like -_____-|||||

The uncle must be at least 70years old!! Nah uncle, already post your shop photo online… Haahahha

Final frame. First shot of them and 2nd shot of me only looking like a ghost floating by. Cool… 

Next roll is going to be 35mm format with my 35mm back! Cheaper film and more frame to try out! Woohoo 😀

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5 Responses to My Diana First roll

  1. helen says:

    no lar.. ur blog more popular.. u promote mine baru correct!!

    eve: i will do so 😀

  2. Mr Huhu says:

    keep on posting the pix once u get use to it.

    Eve: Makantido, dont understand what you say also -_-

  3. stev. says:

    hi, i came across ur blog when i search bout the camera. may i know where i can get the film for this camera?

    Eve: Hi there! I got the film through an online shop however they have limited stock. Depending on your location, you can get it from Mooks and some photo lab. They still sell them but very limited stock. 😀

  4. angchoonseong says:

    want ppl to read your blog, the first thing u do is to update la!!

    Eve: am trying my best! Pot calling kettle black!!

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