My final piece of memories from UK has arrived!!!

Gloominess for the petrol aside, i am EXHILARATED to know that Sex and the City: The Movie will be showing on our shores! Although almost 2 months later than the rest of the world, but STILLLLLLLLLLLL~~ Weeeee!!!

31st July is the day mate’s!

My long awaited precious box has finally arrived at my doorstep here in Malaysia!

My personal belongings from UK… I’m overjoyed!! After waited for 3 months, I am now reunited with my bags and shoes.

I’ve also throw in a “surprise” for myself before the sealing the box 3 months ago. I bought my favourite junk food and ship it home, knowing that I will surely miss uk. At least i get to have a taste of my fav junk food from there… Walkers and Butterkist Toffee popcorns!!

Ooo..!! I finished 1 packet of walker within a few minutes…wahhaha

With the arrival of the box, it amplify my feeling of yearning to go back even more.

It doesn’t help at all when two of my friends inform me of their departure back to the united kingdom.

It doesn’t help that the date I went to UK is looming so so near once again. Making me read my achives.

It doesn’t help when me and Keneft were reminiscing our memories back then during dinner last week. Our magic fountain joke and Por favor joke that got us cracking up till we were having cramps in our stomach.

Laughing out loud, but actually makes me even sadder within.

The window for my ticket back to UK will be closed by this September and then I’ll need to apply for working holiday instead of igs like everybody else if and only if i have the courage and opportunity to chase my dream. If i can turn back time, I wished I would have chosen to stay on. It would have save me from alot of wrinkles and sleepless night.

I’ve always have big dreams. Dreams I though i am capable of fulfilling.
Things i said like, I dont really want to spend my days in Penang when i am young. Why? There’s too much more for me to learn out there. No doubt I love Penang and I will definitely come back to it. I want to work in KL or Singapore, if possible..further…out of Asia. I refuse to comply to the Asian norm. I want to be able to go on a gap year.

But look at where am I now?

Memories I had back then will only be translate into photos that is kept in photo albums which will be placed at a book shelves that will collect dust over time. Photo albums that will only be taken out and pages be flip once in many moons to be smile upon.

Currently listening: I’m Yours – Jason Mraz

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