My life recently

*cricket sound going*

Thats sums it all up.

Bo Bo already Thursday, tomorrow is Friday ( Halloween Day ), probably staying in cos ynnek and gang smartly choose friday night as their weekly futsal night.

That means Bonfire Day is already over without me noticing. Maybe Bonfire Day has been replaced by Deepavali for me here in Malaysia this year.

Has it been a year already since summer 2007? Wait, it’s already autumn 2008  now. Keneft is already complaining on MSN to me about temperature dropping below zero degree and me experiencing extreme coldness.

Yupe, it definitely had passed alright. Total different environment I am in now. Maybe sometime around this time next year I’ll be writing from another part of the world. Just maybe…. :shy:

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2 Responses to My life recently

  1. Mr Huhu says:



  2. wanster says:

    i am sooooo bored… emo-ing also. must be because of liverpool’s loss… argh

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