New Look!

yeah, another lame title but its the hardest part when it comes to blogging. Haiz

Anyway, the smart me accidentally deleted some part of my template before even saving a copy of it somewhere so instead of finding out what i deleted, i just replace the whole thing. HAHA

I know it looks abit dull with the while background and whitish gray font color, but i’ll try to reedit it while i am still unemployed wtf.

Anyhoo….I want to ranted about TARC again although i am no longer a student with them.

I wrote about them last year around this time as well. I don’t know why their staff have to be so rigid with the students. We don’t owe those staff anything in the first place, why don’t they just be more co-operative?

You see, I haven’t had the time or convenience to go KL Tar office personally to collect my certificate during weekdays and since the office doesn’t stay open for the entire day on weekends so it’s very difficult for me to obtain it.

The next logically step to take is to ask any friends of mine that still lives around setapak to collect it.

First attempt: DENIED ! Must have photocopy of my IC and permission letter.

Second attempt: DENIED! My permission letter to my fren is not long and formal enough. It’s just a permission letter, how long can it be? Please think, can?

Third attempt: DENIED! Since I’m in Penang, i used Words to draft the letter and emailed it to TL and according to the staff, formal letter must be handwritten. WTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Roooarrrrrrrrrr*

I really don’t understand whats the difference between a handwritten letter and a printout. It can still be done by my friend and not me isn’t it ?

Ok, so tomorrow kesian my fren, will go again to help me get my cert for me. Poor guy.

Tarc, this canot continue. Does this means that those who lives in Sarawak or Sabah had to take a flight to KL just to collect their cert?

Once again, try to be more flexible next time. haiz.

I shall leave you guys with a photo of the best pan mee in the world. Location: chow Kit, KL..

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6 Responses to New Look!

  1. angchoonseong says:

    kenot accept!

  2. Eve says:

    then u wan ur fren to take bike there agian??

  3. mrbherng says:

    That’s TARC, the staffs are freaking rigid in everything. I remembered I scaring the bursary staff y asking her name and where’s the suggestion box when she’s being absolutely lazy in getting change when I was buying the TARC bus tix. I wasn’t the nicest person to deal with then though.. and maybe now as well =P

    Anyway, is that the super expensive pan mee where you add the homemade chilli sauce on???

  4. Sewjin says:

    sounds a bit like UTM staff pula. i think whatever college or uni that’s getting some money from the msian government all like that wan.

  5. Eve says:

    Mrbherng: it is kinda expensive bout RM5 per bowl hmm..but its freaking nice. haha

    sewjin: the worst bit is, it’s under MCA but our certicates are not regconized. sooo wtf right..

  6. h3l3n says:

    i wana eat that!!!

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