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It had certainly been a while since I’ve logged on to the blog -_- Seems like as I grow older, the blogging days are drifting further and further away from me. What’s with our human attention span dropping to an average of 8 seconds, instagram had took over as the new blog, while blog are in the same categories as diaries.

These past few months, work had been piling on like mad. It didn’t help (or it did?) when I was unintentionally involved in a major project and sees it through deployment. Those were the days. Where I was doing UAT and having  back to back meetings and late nights. Crazy as it seems, stressful as it sounds, I actually like the intensity of such work environment. Perhaps I am addicted to the feeling when you see the numbers of defects decreasing at the end of each working day. To be able to witness the goodness in people from my team. The sense of achievement when the project finally get off from the ground, to the symphony of caffeine-induced applauses and high-fives in a room usually full of people, plus on loud speakers usually at the break of dawn…

Said project took off just like the hot air balloon (took this at the 2015 festival) and I’m tying up all the loose ends before another tidal wave hits me forecast by mid-April 12187274364_94bedc6a13_t Anyway, today a colleague of mine did a very sweet and meaningful thing on her own initiatives for me.I felt really shocked, grateful and appreciated by her simple gestures. Because of people like her, it made dealing with all the shits worth it sometimes.

On an unrelated note, most probably due to the stress from the project, I just felt that I need a haircut. And this is the shortest hair I’ve had since +-10 years -_-  Eyebags complimentary from work. I wish I can achieve the poofy bob hair on a daily basis but unfortunately its not happening 12187274364_94bedc6a13_t

My current social media feeds are filled with either Sakura from Tokyo, Osaka, Seoul or Jeju! Makes me miss those place so much. I’m going insane with wanderlust of recent.

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  1. kengky says:

    Thought you always wanted to cut your hair short

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