Oktoberfests ’09

‘Twas a great and fun weekend back in Penang last weekend.

It was a well planned event! We bought the tickets when we knew the dates. Lucky for us as the ticket was sold out!! Alot of people went anyway without any tickets and left disappointed (i guess!! )

I can’t recall needing any tickets last year though. I do remember that the crowd was twice the size! Good for Penang! Bunch of jolly good people. Saw so many of the usual face there, the people who you usually see when there’s some event happening.

Me and raye even saw our ex Financial Director!! The good looking Jon C. hahahaha

It was also a long awaited, off schedule hen party/post birthday party for our Autumn Girl!

Apple4today, New Bride and LadyCow

LadyCow was saying boom boom POWWWWWW! (or something like that ) hahahha 

No idea why all of them are balling their first -__- 

LadyCow dont give a damn. Drinking away. Where is your sensitivity to the lens girl?

Desmond finally joined us very late into the night and just for awhile. While looking for last year post, i saw his comment to “count me in” this year! hahahah

It was a great night. Truly believe everyone had a fantastic time too. Let’s book ourselves for another round next year!!

And I believe it had been a long long time since I blog almost immediately about something. hmm.. keep it up! *pat self on back*

To see how it was like last year, click Here 🙂

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5 Responses to Oktoberfests ’09

  1. Mr Huhu says:

    u ddnt passed out in a gutter or something?

    Eve: of course no..i went McD for supper after that ahhaha

  2. kennhyn says:

    I want to go to Penang Ofest, but too many event on hand in KL, must get a writer in Penang… haha

    Eve: I came all the way from KL to attend this in penang 🙂

  3. autumn says:

    ola, thanks for uploading the pics n thanks for such memorial nite to me..=)

  4. ynnek says:

    Cannot stop wan!!!

  5. piapia says:

    delete my ugly pic…

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