Old Trafford & China Town

Last 2 weeks, I went to Manchester to take a tour around the Great Old Trafford. As expected, all the guys was very excited and all the guys that i know that couldn’t be there was very jealous.

They say it’s their hometown, motherland, birthplace =.=|||||

I woke up very rudely that morning and left for the meet place without breakfast and was at a very bad state. Total mess and look very horrible!! It’s was so cold i was shivering the entire day. Not a good day. However, old trafford is really amazing. I was jumping about excitedly when we first enter the stadium. No disappointment there 🙂

Somehow, i feel like im still in a dream. A place i used to watch through tele over a cup of teh ais on Saturday nights. NOW! I’m actually stepping into it and sitting there. Hmm, so the tour took us 4 hours, by the tour leader, Joe. The green turf that the play on, no one is allowed to touch it, not even Joe and it’s mow every single working day into exactly Xcm.
The players changing room has a jacuzzi, and a massage table. A very commercialized organization. Very high turnover with all the money they make with ticket selling and blood-sucking merchandises. dont ask me why i took photo with Park, i took with everyone ok. Somemore need to queue for Ronaldo’s -.-‘

Jerseys that the guys will grab off the aisles and kept shouting “Oh!!NEW ONE! SO NICE! expensive but NICE! BUY!!! while walking to the 18 counters open. like kena posses by MU ghost.

We left the stadium off schedule and head straight into town. MR.BADLUCK seems to like me alot that day. It rained even more and there’s a massive jam. Our coach driver took a wrong turning and missed the parking lot. Great, more time wastage.

Cold, tired and extremely famished, we finally got off the coach at 330pm which leaves us another 1 hour to walk around. Walk or Eat? Obviously i choosed the latter considering that i will faint any second. Is the world so small or what? I bumped into my penang friend randomly on the streets of Manchester and he directed me to a good eatery. So 0_o

anyway, i had CHAR SIEW FAN & SIEW YOK & ROAST DUCK & DIM SUM & LO MAI KAI. It’s like going to heaven. It’s sooo good!! I miss them already T_____T


Ok, that’s all for now. Please visit this space tomoro!! I will be putting something up.


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