on the 2nd day of the week..

3 updates in a day!! Wow..i dont think it happened before

Anyway, i’ve been hit by a bout of cough and flu(not swine flu!!!) since last week and i’m still having it still. Today, MrSmallFace had food poisoning and it’s my turn to take him around to the clinic and such. Haiz. Are we jinx or what? What food poisoning that can leaves you feeling paralysed in bed?

Some pretty nasty one i suppose. The doctor just prescribe him some charcoal and buscopan(good for relaxing ab muscle)

I think that’s about the most exciting thing that had happen to me recently! Apart from picking up some $$ earlier today. :p Gosh, i need to punch some…some…just SOMETHING into my life!!


Just a moment ago, on the way to canteen to buy some munchies, I saw some blue paper lying on the floor. Turns out it’s some money!! Hohoho. Although its just like RM3, but still I quite happy about it. The last time i picked some money off the floor was in 2007, when i’m in liverpool. Then, i got 10pds off the floor!! hahahhaha

Some kinda luck may, just may, have befall onto me! 😀 REALLLY needed it 😀


Been really lazy doing stuff. like seriously lazy to get things going with my life. Last weekend got me thinking, what happened to my life? I feel so behind in my own “life schedule” That got me quite down and hence the heighten procrastination level in my life. =.= I want to rant on and on but i’m too lazy to even rant. The thoughts just ran through my brains and it’s gone. Too fast for me to jot it down here.

I need a change soon T__T

I want to have something from chocolatesoup now. Too bad it’s not available in hot malaysia T_T

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