One, Two and more..!

One year ago today, I just touched down at Bangkok Airport alone with luggage enough for 3 weeks stay. How time flies. I am now 1 year old at my current job. A place where I still find my job challenging and although I whine from time to time, I can still say I quite like what I’m doing. Of course, nothing is perfect. The team I’m in, we are so aggressive, not many can survive the “possessions” that happen daily/hourly basis.. It’s a madhouse. So I’m very happy and glad, I survived!! What more when I’m a total newbie to the industry. I am part of the team when the company were practically nothing in Malaysia and now we are #1

Two years and counting, MrSmallFace is still MrSmallface 🙂 Good job to you! Keep up the good work ya.Looking forward to many years calling you MrSmallFace in my blog instead of other names.

I look so pale here, but I’m NOT!! It him being so tan, cis -__-

My besties turning quarter a century old. Kekekeke~!! Happy birthday dearies!

Visiting CousinTing also means setting my foot at East Malaysia for the first time. Really is cuti cuti Malaysia year for me. If I manage to go Kelantan or Kota Bharu, I would have really done it!! Let’s hope I quickly blog about KK before losing the mojo again…

Finally, this is how we do teambuilding in our company!! 😀

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3 Responses to One, Two and more..!

  1. coketai says:

    I have been following your blog for number of years but I seldom drop in any comment but to read your path of life from this recent few entries such as new job, moving new house…( leaving the old memory in the place we have so many sentimental value….development of a new buddy etc is just mirror of what happening to myself.

    The different was you have the place to express your feeling and thought and I happily to tapped along.

    Thanks for sharing such wonderful experience….we all move in different stage of our life so keep it up!!


  2. daphne` says:

    I really like the photo of u n christal, both look very pretty=). It’s also great how u two remain besties afterall these years. And cool counter btw.

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