Opposition Ceramah at Han Chiang Stadium

I was there last saturday together with the other ten thousand people who turned up as well. Because i care bout my future in Malaysia. I do not want to live in a country that with fear of suddenly being stabbed by a keris.

From standing under the rain for an hour until the rain stopped, the crowd was there too. All listening eagerly to what the speaker has to say. No surprise there as the speakers themselves were a crowd puller, Anwar Ibrahim, Karpal Singh, Lim Guan Eng and not forgetting our blogger turns politician, Jeffooi.

I am really sad to know when people my age who can vote, just doesn’t even bother to register, yet they kept complaining about malaysia. When THE day for them to do something about all this, they just coward out and said ” You can vote can ady lah, my vote, just 1 vote wont change anything” or ” Vote also no use, the BN sure win”

Yes, although they will win, but at least we have opposition in there to check and balance with what they do to the country, how they use the tax payer money which translates back to your parents money or my parents money.

Disappointed that they find politics boring, daunting and complicated and it’s all the same to them, that they just dont wanna know anything about it, rather knowing bout edison scandal. Giving up the only right that we can hold on to for the moment.

One even pisses me off by saying that, I can’t even settle my own life why wanna care about the goverment? I care about myself that’s why i bother to register myself and vote because i want to live in a place where racism is lower, equality is higher. I don’t want to be called a second class citizen anymore in my own country.

Deny the 2/3 majority seat in parliament at least,we cannot fight them ourselves, but we can send someone inside who is willing to do so… check and balance… with a 2/3 majority.. it is like dictatorship…. They can call us cina bodoh, balik china lah… yet, what can we do because we do not have enough voice, in a place that help forms our country…. they can take a keris and vow to soak it with darah cina babi ..Is this the type of people u wanna send into the parliament??

The above is something i just told a friend of mine who is studying in UM. Not everyone is as fortunate as her in getting a placement in local university. Not everyone is fortunate enough to get to use facilities provided by the past government (dissolved ady now). For someone at her education level, I expected something more logical and reasonable coming out of her.. but i see none of it.

Just a simply retort i can say: If you don’t vote, please don’t come complain to me about malaysia anymore.

Don’t vote by default towards the scale this time. Vote for a change. This is coming from a very bimbo girl okie…surprisingly..

8th of March is the day i will stay home for most of the time, glued on to the idiot box.. HAHAHAA

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4 Responses to Opposition Ceramah at Han Chiang Stadium

  1. mrbherng says:

    cannot vote =/

  2. Eve says:

    u memang canot…kat wales

  3. ihsan_huhu says:

    kenot vote oso

  4. ck says:

    Yes! Just CHANGE it!!

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