Orchids given out at work today in support of a green working environment!




I love the carrier the most. You can actually fold it into the size of your palm and just throw it into your handbag so save the earth! Stop using plastic bags whenever/wherever you can.

From this size..


to This!


Take it from MrMichael himself, “if you want to make the world a better place, take a look into the mirror and make the CHANGE! “

haha! I’m so smart to put a calculator next to it to get my point across.

Oh, going to KL tonight for the Manchester United thingie tomoro =__=

Not interested at all *snobbish face* I’ve seen them live before at stadium of dreams. Aisehhhh :))

So it will be Bangsar for me and the girls, ManUtd and the guys =__= Bet you gonna see a sea of people clad in red tomorrow too!


The boys already planned to make it an ALL MANUTD trip. Only wearing the club jersery/t-shirt.

Like kids only…

bangsar shops, here I come~~ wheee :))

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One Response to Orchids

  1. u’re coming ???

    how long ??? but im going to Waterfall leh… in a an hour… =.=; whole day trip…

    buzz me, then we meet somewhere…

    and oh, this weekend Bazaar @ Solaris, i believe u will know where it is. (i’ll be going too)

    haha… >.<

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