Pai Thnee Kong

Today is Thnee Kong aka Jade Emperor birthday. Which is hokkien clan people largest Chinese new year celebration.

It is considered as the start of the new year even! It has always been very happening event in Penang. With fireworks, some say “bomb” going off nonstop pass midnight, with a very long stretch of offerings which means feasting at the end..

Haiz, how i miss witnessing it all at Jetty area penang. It’s like War zone but can’t seem to find another place like it. T_T

Anyhoo, as a hokkien, i will start the new year with a roaring “banging” new haircut.. haha! :))

It was also a first time for me to do highlighting. Don’t like the process, think the result is like coloring the whole head, maybe cos of the color i choose. I find myself looking so silly with all the aloy foils in my hair..!

The Result!








So what do you think? Bang is in the season, no?

I never had fringe ever since form 1.. that’s like..X years When the stylist suggested to me, I kept repeating to myself, “It’s just hair, its just hair, it will grow -____-”  This is after the stylist blow nicely for me.

Let me see if I still like how it looks after I wash it myself. Most probably will keep it long… swt swt  Dont know how to keep the fringe “round” and proper like that.. hohohoho.. For now, let me be the cat in the melon ehehe!

ps: already got alot of  SHOCKED responses with my decision.. Some say i look like Japanese, some say i look like i just ran out from Kampung.. haiz..

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6 Responses to Pai Thnee Kong

  1. christal.loh says:

    your new look like your sis… =)

    Eve: Mine is longer look

  2. Mr Huhu says:

    u look like the cat.. with less fur

    EvE: the cat is cute, so thank you ^__^

  3. autumn says:


    but is a new jang la…since nvr since so bang eh shud b a refreshing look..

    *thumbs up for the dare try.. =)

  4. wendy says:

    Its ok..never try, never know..look at my gang..semua change hairstyle..hehe

    i think u look younger with bangs..:)

    EvE: year ma

  5. angchoonseong says:

    ha!! ha!! ha!!
    (dat explains my opinion)

    Eve : T__T

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