Part II: Penang Tour

So this would be the 2nd and final part to this.

We went to the Batu Ferringhi in the morning and was immediately surrounded by those beach boys that follow you whereever you go. They have horseback riding, parasailing, banana boat and parasailing but all at super overcharge prices. And even when we repeatly said NO and shake out heads like mad, they relentlessly follow us around like annonying fly that wont go away.Ended up, we had to walk far far far away before we escape from those people –“

The waves are surprisingly high that morning. Initially just playing sands and wetting our feets, turn to full-blown beach party. It all started when one got hit by a huge wave because he’s too slow to run up shore. Then they started to drag one another into the sea. Boys… o_O

There must be something wrong with bloggers because i can’t seem to upload some photos directly from my pc. Anyway, we went over to Sarah’s place to clean up then lunch before going to the staple places for tour like Fort Cornwallis and etc. Before that, we stop to have some deep fried stuff along Jetty. THE BEST i tell you in penang!! Especially the thnee kuih which is my favourite!!
Sarah was incharge of bringing them for dinner because i had dinner with Jasonyong and the girls. I met up with after that, when i saw them walking on the street Lol. When to upper penang road before calling a night. Those guys very kuai ler.. Prefer temples and dota to clubs and hot chicks. HAHAHAHA
The next morning, the guys pick me up from my house before heading to Kek Lok Si, another penang landmark. I don’t really like that places because it screams $$$$$$ all over. Want to go to new section, must pay. Want to see new statues need to pay again. All for what? For the monks to hire maid and drive luxurious cars like mercedes? Ohh Puhleezeee la.. We don’t get to see good people anymore there except these good heart guys from KL.HAHA

Even their urns to stick joss sticks are different. EVEN their joss sticks are not the red red type *roll eyes*
After all the climbing of stairs, sure hungry right!! We stop to have lok lok and some coconut before bidding bonjuor to the fellas =)

Remember to bring me to cheras best western food ya!!!

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7 Responses to Part II: Penang Tour

  1. Kenny Ng says:

    ahhh!!!! I miss the lok lok!

  2. Eve says:

    kenny: come back! we go pdg brown!

  3. Anonymous says:

    By my SEARCHING out FOR THE LATEST INFORMATION about Train Travel I have found your site.

  4. aL says:

    arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! the thnee kuih! damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn! dont snap so close can anot. my stomach will die wan u noe =.=’

  5. Eve says:

    al: Yes! *pumps fist into air* berjaya make u hungry with my photos 😀

  6. CY says:

    Excellent photos!

    I was here.

  7. reona says:


    I love Penang. So I am planning to go to Penang again.

    Anyway, nice photos!!!

    I want to go to Penang at once!hahaha

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