Penang World Music Festival 2008

Out of the 3 days the festival was held, i only managed to attend the last day which is on Sunday. Tickets of RM50 was abit expensive to me however after attending the festival for less than an hour, I already regret the decision of not going for Friday and Saturday and made decision to attend the one held next year.

It was awesome!

At first i thought it would rain since it did earlier on Sunday, but i was persistent on going, rain or shine. Fearing the worse from the weather and the crowd, we went early equip with umbrella and newspapers(to sit on). I was very impressed by how organized the whole event was. They have vans shuttling people from youth park to botanical garden, to prevent jam at the 2 lane road. Kudos on that!
The stage was impressive as well as the sound systems and lighting.
Our dinner from the stalls.

The first performer of the night, Techung from Tibet but born in India, raised in America. It’s a very mountain-ny kind of genre. It’s something really different. Just look at the natural backdrop that sheer curtains and lightning can create.

The next one, which is also my favorite act of the night. Balfa Tuojours from USA but sings in french.
They have a fiddler and accordion as well. Very country kinda music and super lively. I Likey! They had the crowd all hype up and dancing. I was clapping along their whole performance : ))

Next up is LO COR DE LA PLANA from France. The group that sang about LOVE, which they pronounced as LOAF. They are good. Acapella groups and percussionists. The last song they performed was actually a Christmas song. Yea, they wished Merry Christmas to us in May -__- however, it sound more like a war song to us. HAAHAAHAHA

The quirky and the weirdest of all,
AFENGINN from Denmark. They had a member that’s dressed in pink with long dreadlocks. What would you think?
Anyway, the music they played was very interesting as they infused the “circus tune” into their fast tempo songs, with the dreadlock guy playing a banjo. Most of their songs are fast beat and dreadlock man was head banging throughout the whole performances.

They also made us do an action which is shouting “Ooompah!!!!” while pumping ur fist into the air. Which reminds me of ommpa lompa marching =___=

Final performance of the night was Kenge Kenge from Kenya. Oh my, they can all shake their booty real fine..ahahah… better than beyonce in her “uh oh uh oh” video. Watch the video below.

The finale where most of the performers from all 3 days came out for the final ovation from the crowd.

In a nut shell, the venue was brilliant, cooling with all the trees around us, the performers was awesome, the crowd was great, people smiling and enjoying moments of it, no matter young or old. With a great company, you will never go wrong in such rare event.

See you there, 2009.

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4 Responses to Penang World Music Festival 2008

  1. ihsan_huhu says:

    wah.. u r so into this art2 stuff r?

  2. Eve says:

    i don look artsy fartsy enuf~

  3. WhiteFox says:

    hey! u r much thinner now! gym effects work. =D

  4. h3l3n says:

    there is a Penang world music festival too???? Omg.. i kno i attend the Rainforest World music festival in my place a few years ago.. now penang also got dy..

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