Went my car tyre last night.

Yupe, i have such good luck with the car recently T_T T_T T_T ><

At least GossipGirls Season2 wasnt a disappointment. Not even a tiny bit! (y) 😀


I just got to know that the price to replace the front grill/cap for the car cost RM800. For a plastic cap. DAMN youscumbagshiteatinggoodfornothing thief!!! :angry:

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4 Responses to Pfftttt

  1. Mr Huhu says:

    use tayar keretapi la, cannot pancit wan

  2. d e s says:

    Hmm, for the front cap,…i suggest…go steal other’s back! least you won’t feel so guilty!

  3. Eve says:

    Mr Huhu, amat bijak sekali

    Des: i scared get caught and people will beat me up

  4. wanster says:

    wah, RM800??? i also wan to steal d. so poor now. huahuahua

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