Last weekend was a long weekend!  What did I do?

Saturday Night was unplanned. Adhoc. Every single bit of it. Ha ha ha..

#1 – Free Tickets from RuiXin!

#2 – Middle section, just nice

#3 – Some random Audience

#4 – The Maestro. Super talented guy with instruments and natural gifted with amazing voice. His live performances was more like acoustic live jazz and sound like we are listening to the CD. But that’s the thing. He could have injected some “life” into the concert. I still think Jason Mraz is the best live performer in terms of showmanship, spontaneity and overall voice 🙂 Having said that, still a good talent. At least not digitally altered voice like so many out there nowadays.

#5 – Pleasant surprise when we headed home at 2am after a conspiracy in Casino. A nail was found in the tyre. The tyre refused to budged at all from the “tyre holder bearing thingie”

#6 – Girls are absolutely helpful in this kinda situation. The boys had to have a reason to speed up the repair work. Kekeke….

#7 – Mr.SmallFace and DESSTANNN! saved the day (literally!!) by kicking the damn useless tyre out and replacing it with the spare one.

We only got home at 4plus in the morning 0__O  It was a long and slow drive home plus I think it was drizzling and oh so tired, were we..!

Ps: I say BB camera are really not bad at all! Considering how dim the places were when all the above was taken. Without any setting done and Without any flash!!

PSS: Omaigod~ It’s already JUNE! Where did the first 5 months went?? I dont want to see the calender flipped to 2012 so soon T___T

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  1. piapia says:

    Hello!!!i’m the one who reverse the car so that the guys can remove the damn tyre….
    credits to me!

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