Pray for Japan

Unless you are living underground or on Mars, you would definitely know about the natural or not so natural according to the FLOM that had hit Japan last week.

Its so heart breaking and devastating to see how Japan is struggling now. I am not sure why but I’ve never felt so deeply towards any natural catastrophic before. Maybe because it’s extremely hard to accept the fact that such a stable and strong country being shaken vulnerable within hours.

For such a mega disaster, the estimated death toll are at about 20,000 when the tsunami are similar scale happened in ached claimed more than 200,000 lives. Many and even the japanese say at least this happen to Japan where they are so well prepared to face such events. Imagine this happening to Malaysia. I think i’ll be under the sea, swimming with dory and nemo now.

Extremely devastating photo of the mass destruction. I’m on the verge of crying looking at the photos and worse  when I read about tweets japanese are sending out on the situation or how humane the situation are. In hard times like this, there’s no case of looting or riot. This is how we all should be. helping each other, no matter where. practice the moral that we learn.

I can’t help but felt the urge to do whatever I can from afar to help. I’ve been pestering the people around me to do their bit. Understanding how much trust we can put into the charity fund setup in Malaysia, I sourced out the most secured way. Via google check out. Direct donation to the japanese red cross.

Another avenue are the Socks for Japan campaign.

Do your bit. No harm doing some good …… 🙂

I ♥ ♥ dogs! they are the best creation by god! No trace of evil in them ever! So damn touching..


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