Pre-Autumn’s Day

Back in the time when I first wear light blue pinafore to school, i met this girl in my class. At that time, we both share the same height and sat on the first row of the class.

She was transferred to my school together with a few other girls (I just realize I’m the only true colistrians out of us 4!! o_O) Through schooling and girl guide, plus various school kaypo-ing activities, we all grow closer with each other became fast friends, dance mate, classmates and dearies 😀

Last Sunday(actually registered last year -_-), she officially add the R between the MS. But BEFORE that, the usual suspects came together and had a photo shoot together that doubles as a wedding gift.

Not really prepared, we went ahead and had a blast!! It was such great fun and laughed till our tummy ache. Whats with the super joker Wpeng and Pomchak around. People just laugh out loud by staring at Wpeng’s face without any antics hahahaha

Just to share some of my favorites. There are more.. we took more than 180 shots and choose to keep >100 shots, is there any surprise at all ??  -____-

Still waiting for the final edited ones.

This was a great candid shot. I think we were kinda tired after posing around for more than a hour and Teong was just resting. Fox pointed the camera at us and POP, the below shot 😀

The one thing I like and dislike about the shoot was there was alot of candid shots. Luckily for us, most of it turns out good. Below is also proof that I’m a true posing idiot. I saw the girls putting their arms up, but had no idea where to place my finger. So i just plop it somewhere before Fox snap  -___-  I seriously have no sense of sexiness whatsoever…

The Usual Suspects. So hard to get together like this nowadays…sighs..

2 B continue…..

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