profitable hospitals

No surprise there isn’t it! Wifi is everywhere. Seems to me that you feel disconnected from the world if you are disconnected to the internet.

Even when you might be half dead lying on the bed, you might still have the urge to go online.

That’s why hospital nowadays comes with free wifi…the type with good connection somemore. wtf. I was so surprise at the facilities hospital has nowadays. I spend my Friday night and Saturday in the hospital. At the rate they are charging patients, surely they have to provide them top notch services OR NOT!

Anyway, I still feel that hospital shouldn’t be so bloody blood sucking. I mean, its suppose to save people. It’s like as if poor people life is less valuable than those rich ones. You actually need to pay extra to see doctor on a Sunday, so remember people, don’t fall sick on weekends. And you need to pay before they operates on you =.= What kind of world are we living in! They are making money out of desperate people!

The meal from the hospital. Some porridge with carrot :s The thing is, i don’t get to take photos of hospital food everyday haa!

The patient, Mr.SmallFace…Kesian

Totally unrelated..a photo from my NYE small get-together at my place. As you can see, we played mahjong and FUN monopoly and drink from teensy-weensy coffee cups. ahhaahahaha

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4 Responses to profitable hospitals

  1. Mr Huhu says:

    ‘I spend my Friday night and Saturday in the hospital’

    wah like a misali housewife oredi

    Eve: Darlinhuhu, what is misali?

  2. Wendy says:

    wahh..wat happen to kenny?? when i first read i thought it was u cos u say u spent ur fri n sat there..T__T

  3. desmond-t says:

    From the pic, I assume that Ah butt got struck by an arrow on his chest that still havent been removed so masuk hospital?

    Hmmm…. Isteri misali LOL quite similar to “24 hao eh bor” in hokkien LOL

  4. butt go for butt reduction procedure?

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