Put your hands up!!

Oh, how come westerners always manage to come up with the most bizarre things to do??

Remember the great freeze at New York, then Edinburgh and then at Trafalgar Square London which my londoners friends manage to take park.

Now, this is seriously something amazing. 100 ladies dancing to “Single Ladies” at Picadilly Circus. If you do not know, it’s one of the famous inter junction in London with the brightly lighted Neon lights. Like this!

I believe this is the first photo i’ve posted up on my london trip.. @_@

Imagine just walking around minding your own business, suddenly 100 random people just take off their coats, dressed in skimpy leotard and heels and proceed to perform a very choreograph dance. hahahah Anyway, this is not the first time these kinda of stuff happened. Try to youtube the clip where they danced to Thriller at London’s Chinatown. damn stupid too.

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3 Responses to Put your hands up!!

  1. ee mei says:

    nice, aha, picadilly circus, i will go there soon ^^.

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  3. Kenetf says:

    i going there again soon!

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