Rain Rain go away~

Surprise Treat from Kurtie today in office!!I Caramel Macchiato and Foccasio bread to nibble on a chilly day! 🙂 hmm hmm.. My cube is always this messy. And i need to look at the excel sheet everyday too..wou wou

It had been raining EVERYDAY be it in the morning or at night. Without F.A.I.L:. It’s crucial to have your brollies ready. Gosh, it’s getting more and more like UK weather nowadays. Blame it on global warming. It isn’t suppose to be monsoon season now!! Me and my pretty strawbella..

MrSmallFace all black shinigami umbrella.. Like the total opposite, mine so girlish, his so erm..dark?

This is how i usually dress to work. Jeans and T-shirt..

Gonna attempt to do a “daily-dressing” that i see much on blogs nowadays.

T-shirt (Espirit), Brown faux leather bag ( Madrid,Spain) Jeans (Dorothy Perkins –ITS OPEN INPENANG!! 🙂 🙂  ) Belt (mom closet) Sandal (unseen but Charles & Keith)

Amat fail pathetic attempt. But tak apalah. I suka my outfit that day. Very relaxed 🙂

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  1. wendy says:

    haha i’ve always wanted to try the daily-dressing..
    but then, i seldom go out..my daily dressing will be my pjs..lol!
    secondly, there’s nth much to my dressing anyway..==”

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