Rain Rain Go away…

Everyday it’s like raining non stop. Damn sien. It’s already cold enough. It’s even snowing in some part of UK already for goodness sake! arghh.. Had to wear wool clothing almost everyday which i despise because i am fat. Fat people don’t like to wear garments that show people they are fat.

oo..this is gonna be a depressing 3 months of cold.

Anway, i’ve finally completed my blogging for my travelogue. Final part of Lisbon is HERE. Blogging about it after quite some time, makes me miss the times of travelling with just a bagpack and friends even more painful. Please bagi support abit as i put alot of time blogging bout the final part. I think -__-

thank you!

since that final piece is done, daily rant on my rehab stint here in the village will resume as normal 🙂

Stay tune.

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